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Larimar family


Larimar Company was established in 2017 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and its beginning was in the city of Riyadh to include and spread to all cities of the Kingdom later. The company has engineers and experts in the field of design and production, as well as highly qualified craftsmen with collective and professional experience. Today the company operates a main quarry that employs more than 200 employees in various locations throughout the Kingdom, producing the most beautiful marble and granite, as their colors, designs, and quantities vary to meet the growing demand for marble cladding and flooring for all small, medium, and large projects. The company’s large pieces of marble are obtained and its manufacturing facilities are It can process panels in a wide range, in Saudi Arabia and also imported from abroad upon request. Its manufacturing facilities can process panels in a wide range of sizes, thicknesses, and finishes. Moreover, the granite products and services provided by the company are diversified and developed through significant investments in the fields of exploration, extraction, specialized transportation, and processing.

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