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About Us

Who We Are

YavCode is an abbreviation of the word

“Youth Arab Voices for the code”, and this is an accurate description for us. We are passionate young people who love work and always strive to make changes and develop clients’ businesses in smart programming ways.

Web design templates and web page layout editing using a professional software, collage and paper cut composition
We seek to become the best company for software development and business development in global markets.
Because we realize the importance of digital change in the global market, we commit ourselves and pledge to our customers to provide all their requests with the required international quality and speed.
- Developing work methods in line with the rapid development in the field of software.
- To be an example of excellence and uniqueness in our work.
- Expanding our customer base in the local and global market.
- Providing the best purchasing experience for our customers.
- Creating reliable products in the global business arena.
corporate service

Meet our top clients and partners

It is our pleasure to introduce ourselves as partners to these wonderful companies, useful purposeful platforms, large bodies and institutions

We are also honored to have been the designers and developers of these companies’ websites.

alkharaj chamber
taif chamber
Our products

We’re a product and experience creative agency


Social Marketing

large scale of marketing services, that help your clients find you out.
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Websites Designs

Websites Designs that help your clients and your partners to have better experience with you.
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Graphic Designs

Graphic Designs that will make your products and services look stunner in all platforms
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Fast and neat work. Professor Bassem is an expert in his field and interested in details. I recommend dealing with him because of his competence and ability to solve problems. Thanks

.Elyes J

Thank you to my dear brother, Engineer Bassem, for a very, very great work team. I recommend dealing with them

.Tariq A

I highly recommend dealing with the wonderful engineer, very fast and artistic

.Asiri A

There are no words to convey this man’s truth. I swear my problem was solved quickly.. most other people were unable to solve it. I would like to thank you with all my heart, I swear to God.

.Master T

Very nice, fast and professional work, thank you

طارق ا.

Khamsat Clint


.Issam Y

Khamsat Clint

Fast and flexible

.Issam Y

Great treatment and professional work

عبدالعزيز ح.

I am very grateful for his patience with me

حمد ا.

May god give you strength

.Miral P

One word to this brother (you are a hero). I strongly advise you to deal with him. Good luck, our dear engineer

.Asiri A

His sophisticated treatment and efforts are for which he is thankful. May God grant him a thousand blessings

تماضر ا.

Adequate work and excellent effort

.Nashme J

Respected and professional designer who provided excellent service. God willing

.Muhammad B

I strongly advise dealing with the brother Basem, quality, speed of work, and cooperation

.Sam S

I highly recommend doing business with him, and I will definitely return for other services in the future. Thank you very much for the great effort and exceptional service

.Ahmed A

Creative and fast. The most beautiful thing about this professional is his understanding and comprehension of the problem. I will repeat the deal

.Fawaz A

Sophisticated treatment and high quality work within the agreed upon time

محمد م.

He does an excellent job and is understanding and calm in dealing

.Ahmed Magdy M

An artist in his work, fast and the results of the work are amazing.. I have permanent dealings, God willing, with regard to the store

.Hamodchk I

He was welcoming and understanding

.Abed A

Great work and will deal with it in the future

.Mohammed A

Very professional and excellent dealings.. May God give you well-being

نوف ا.

A highly tidy and professional job

.Sulaiman A

Thank you for your very respectful treatment and quick response

ميثم ا.

I would love to reach out, but thank you to the wonderful staff.

.Tarek H

Excellent service, wonderful and helpful guys

.Dalia A